Child Behavioural Therapy / Process

img_1433I am a Child Behavioural Therapist with a background in psychology, counseling and education and have assisted children of all ages and their families since 2003 in and around Cape Town. My private practice is based in Bergvliet, in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town but I can also visit children at home and at school if that is what is required. I have extensive experience in all types of behavioural challenges and offer guidance and input to children and parents alike. Sessions are 50 minutes long and either start on the hour or half hour. Plus, in order to more fully support and assist your child, I can and do collaborate closely and regularly with paediatricians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, teachers, educational psychologists, child psychologists, child psychiatrists, social workers to name but a few. Assisting a child is always a team effort.

img_1389My approach encompasses play therapy techniques, counseling as well as acknowledging the holistic aspects of every child I meet. Every child is unique and my therapy is adapted to each child and family's specific needs. My approach is child-centred, meaning that I start from the premise that every child (no matter what his age) actually knows exactly what is going on for him and also knows how to fix it. I hold a space of unconditional acceptance for the child so he can safely express what he needs to communicate for his balance (internal and external) to be regained. I listen to what your child is actually trying to communicate through his behaviour and as a team we find the way back to healthy balance.

I start by meeting both parents if possible, on their own first, in order to get a full context and background to the child’s behaviour. I then observe the child in a separate session on his own. Following this I give feedback either face-to-face with the parents again or via an email report. After this and if all agree, and it is deemed necessary and supportive, therapy can commence. This is a group decision. It is usually best to start with weekly input (play therapy or counseling) as this keeps the link going between sessions. I will then stay in close contact with you to keep you updated when necessary and together as a team, we will work towards regaining balance for your family.

Some of the issues I can assist with and have extensive experience in:


Hair-pulling (Tricholtilomania)

Anxiety/panic disorders

Bedwetting and evacuation issues (Enuresis and Encopresis)

Sleep issues/difficulties


Social anxiety disorder


Anger issues

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Traumatic stress


Discipline issues/challenges

Parenting techniques/coaching

Aggressiveness/bullying or victimhood

Children and divorces

Learning difficulties/ exam stress

Teaching children sustainable life skills

Self-esteem issues

Death and bereavement counseling for children

Austism spectrum, Aspergers etc.

Children lacking in empathy and struggling to communicate and connect with peers

Emotional/academic challenges

Tourettes syndrome

Navigating the teen years

Eating disorders

Parent-child relationships