Child behavioural therapist, Play therapist for children and family groups, Counselor, Parent-child relationship coach

img_1198Parenting is without doubt one of the most challenging things we will ever do as adults. It can be a lonely and frightening journey at times and a jubilant and wonderful one at others. It can be like striding out in bright sunshine or like taking fumbling steps in dense fog. Either way, your child will call upon every ounce of self-will and courage you can muster! Not a journey for the faint-hearted but one that will definitely lead you back to your heart if you listen carefully to what your child is trying to tell you through their behaviour. If you feel you are losing your way, I can support you to find your own way back.

My aim is to help every child I meet gain true and lasting self-worth (the kind that comes from within), to help them build a strong and healthy sense of self and then to free that child to be themself and to express their uniqueness in supportive and fulfilling ways going forward for both themself and the world around them. Much of our adult lives and relationships (professional and personal) are shaped by our childhoods and our relationships with our parents. My aim is to address any issues as early as possible so that balance and healing can come about and we can then open up to very different potentials in our lives now and in the future.

img_1304One of my goals is to empower each child I meet with valuable life skills which most of us only find out about in adulthood! Why wait till then to know that the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself, that the only true and lasting love that we should seek is the love we have for and give to ourselves… It is only once we have learned to truly love ourselves that we can in turn truly love others. And we do, after all, teach the world how to treat us by how we treat ourselves and these messages are no different and no less important for our children. On the whole, I have found that the earlier this message is given to a child, the better.

So if you are wondering if your child could benefit from some support/therapy right now, I would strongly advise and encourage you to follow your parental instincts and take that step (be it with me or another person who can help you). It is far easier to sort out self-esteem issues or behaviour issues at 3 years of age with some Lego than leave it until it is cemented into our psyche and then take years to sort out in therapy as an adult! As the saying goes: Rather build the child than mend the man.